Technical Data

All SKM Mild Steel Weld Studs are manufactured from high quality weldable grade Carbon Steels, with certification available on request.

All threads are cold rolled, ensuring that the flow line of the material is not interrupted. The surface quality is considerably improved, and the stength doubled. In addition, the thread offers better resistance in terms of both corrosion and wear. Metric thread forms comply with BS3643 pt2. Medium fit 6G.

In bar form, the material has strength designation of 4.7 ref BS6392. The U.T.S. Increases slightly after thread rolling. Stainless Steel conforms to BS970 part 3 - either 316S11 or 304S11, depending on requirements.

All Drawn Arc Weld Studs are fluxed. The type and amount used is an essential factor in ensuring consistent and high quality welds. SKM DA Weld Studs feature a pointed flux ball. This aids accurate and swift location of the stud to the parent material.

Suitable Ceramics Ferrules are included with all Drawn Arc Studs.

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